The Farm

Bedlam Farms is a private, family owned and operated facility located just off Highway 9 in the Maltby/Woodinville area of Washington State. We are situated on five acres in a naturally wooded setting with views of the Olympic Mountains and surrounding territory.

The Barn

The barn features 18 stalls, a well-lit groom area with heater, heated wash rack and a large heated tack room.  The cross tie area (shown on the right) is conveniently situated and offers shelves and storage for grooming supplies.



We have 13 10’x12′ stalls and 5 12’x16′ stalls. Each stall is bright and airy and has a fan mounted on the front wall.  In addition to the stall fans we have 2 commercial roof fans to aid in circulation.


Turnout Pastures

We provide all-day turnout (weather permitting).  Turnouts range from a 12’x16′ outside stall for rehab, up to a two acre paddock for the gelding herd.



We feed three times daily. Our primary grain is 8% fat, 14% protein and 6% starch and our exceptional quality orchard grass/alfalfa hay is from DL Miller Farm in Royal City.  The Miller family has been providing our hay for more than 10 years.



Lighted Arena

thefarm_arenaOur lighted, covered arena is 60′ x 120’ with an all-weather surface hog fuel footing.Bedlam Arena - 2.23.13 (4)




We occasionally have stall openings. If you’d like to be a part of the Bedlam Farms family, please send us an email. We would be happy to add you to our waiting list.

Thank you for visiting.  Check back often!