Meet the Horses

 Tyme Tempest  –  AP Startyme x Kalmay
“Gretta”, born in 1991, is a purebred Arabian mare who is the quintesential Arabian hunter. Gretta can always be counted on the mentor young horses and introduce kids to the joys of riding, but still be a firecracker for her mom, Jo.

 BF Winsome – *Diament x RF Spring Song
“Lizzi” , born in 1989, is a Half-Arabian mare owned by Nancy Davis. These days Liz is retired and enjoying being a full time ham.

 CH Drakaar – Out of Cyte x CH Obsession
“Casper”, born 2008,  is a half Arabian gelding headed for a career as a sport horse and all round goof ball.

Arcadia Sundancer – Beam Street x Chandel Flashdance
“Kidd”, born in 1987, is a Morgan gelding and best friend of Betsy Crawford.  After winning everything there is to win in hunter under saddle and western pleasure, Kidd now spends his days goofing off and packing around an occasional kid.

 Orchards View Wild Card
“Zappa” is a double registered Pinto/Saddlebred gelding, fourth generation heir to Wing Commander & Jamestown. Owned by Heidi Hopen-Wright.

 Oil Man’s Pay
The picture say it all…Oily is the resident dork. He is a 1995, TB gelding who is currently schooling third level dressage. His lovely, floating gate is even more remarkable because he broke his left knee in 2008! Thanks to the tremendous care and constant physical therapy provided by his mother (the two legged one) he is sound and loves to work. He also loves to play dress up and his favorite thing is to put gloves on his ears!!!!

Ryder is a 1987 Fjord gelding who has done eventing, combined driving and dressage. These days he mostly hangs out waiting for the next round of cookies!

 In Memory of Mario  Out of Cyte x Sorrela
“Mario”, born in 2000, is a purebred Arab gelding who will show in the sporthorse division. Mario’s favorite activity is to annoy his pal Oily!


The Murph is a 1989 Fjord gelding who spent his life as a therapy horse for Little Bit. As he got a little older, arthritis limited his ability to continue in the program and he retired to life at Bedlam. Murphy is much loved by all who knew him at Little Bit and, clearly, he is a very special guy. Murphy is enjoying his retirement and is a world champion cookie monster!!!

DWM Flamin Brandy  Bask Flame x CH Dancing Diana

“Junior”, born in 2000, is a half Arab western pleasure gelding and purebred troublemaker.  If something is broken, he did it; if somebody’s in trouble, he caused it; if there is any way to hurt him self, HE IS ALL OVER IT!!


Born in 1993, Autumn is a very king AQHA mare who takes very good care of her mom Anne.  Whether hacking about or in the stall, Autumn knows her job and loves doing it.



Oscar is a 1982 Thoroughbred gelding who came to us in August 2011 as the result of an animal control seizure.  These photos were taken a week after Oscar came in and had already started to gain weight.  When he arrived he was dehydrated, about 300# underweight and went down within a couple of days.  Thanks to the efforts of many people, Oscar recovered and is currently living the life of luxury that he deserves.  Watch for new photos as his recovery continues