In Memory

AP Startyme  *Stargard x Overlook Gwynne
“Tyson” was a purebred Arabian gelding who was one of the cornerstones of Bedlam Farms and sired several foals, including Gretta, Myty and Dickens. Tyson was gelded when Bedlam transitioned from a breeding facility to a boarding facility.

 Bang Chaboom
“Boomer” was a 16.3H Thoroughbred mare by Bang Boom and was schooled in dressage but was never shown. Boomer was euthanized due to a catastrophic leg injury.

 Bright Wrangalure
“Alure” was an Appaloosa mare by Sir Wrangler who had a successful show career and loved kids.


 “Miss Piggy” was a purebred Arabian mare who lived to 23 years of age. Miss Pig was the Bedlam Farm matriarch and mother and best friend of Gretta.

“Kirby” was a purebred Arabian mare who was euthanized at 26 years of age due to laminitis. Kirby was a professional mom for the herd and also the mother of Pogo and Dickens. Dickens was just 8 weeks old when Kirby died.

 EG’s Sukari
“Sugar” was a Supreme Champion Pinto NSH mare who left us at at the age of 21 due to Cushing’s. Sugar had a long and successful show career and enjoyed retirement at Bedlam Farms along with her half brother Dude.

 Dix’s Daimond Dude
“Dude” was a Pinto NSH gelding who enjoyed his golden years of retirement at Bedlam Farms after a long and successful show career. He was half-brother to Sugar and left us at the young age of 26.

“Herc” was a purebred Arabian stallion who was euthanized at the age of 30. Herc had an extensive and successful show career as a Reiner and Western Pleasure horse. Bedlam Farm was honored to cater to his every desire for the last year of his life.

 Lady’s Lad
“Teddy” was an Appaloosa gelding who had “been there, done that”. He carried national titles in Youth Western Pleasure, Trail and was very successful in Hunter Under Saddle.

Sheree” was a Quarter Horse mare who enjoyed her retirement from a trail riding career. She led a long life of 31 years.

Bamah  was a purebred Arabian gelding who lived a long life as a pasture ornament and specialized in being cute.

“Scap” was an aged Appaloosa mare who spent her life showing and raising kids. Scap enjoyed her final days at Bedlam just hanging out.

Ginger Bread Cookie

Cookie was a “cow bred” AQHA mare who died in the 2010 Dutch Mill Farm barn fire.  Cookie was the best friend of Robi Reykdal who is beyond devestated.

Akilam, 1980 – 2011, was a purebred Arabian mare who was the best friend of Mary Beth Rogers for 26 years.  Akilam was an accomplished escape artist who never passed up an opportunity to get into trouble.  We are grateful that Mary Beth shared Akilam’s last 11 years with us.

Wildside Willie

 Willie  was a 17 year old TB gelding who loved to jump and was best friends with Kidd. Willie and Kidd would spend all day, every day playing and chasing each other. Willie was playing in the arena in November, 2010 and died suddenly of an apparent heart attack. We all miss him and Kidd is bereft.