Bedlam Friends

BF Spring Tyme
“Myty” is a lovely 16 hand Half-Arabian mare who hasn’t been shown since her 3 year old halter futurties where she was futurity champion.

Best of Tymes
“Dickens” is the last foal for both Kirby and Tyson. After being orphaned at eight weeks old, she became convinced that she was the center of the universe.

“Boldie” is the official concierge of Bedlam. He is always up for a good head scratch when he is not busy controlling the mouse population at the barn.

“Joe” is one of our fearless farriers and a treasured friend of Bedlam.

Edward & Belle
“Edward”, a talented Saddlebred trainer and good friend of Bedlam Farms, showing his lovely mare Belle.

“Solo”, is a ½ Connemara gelding who is retired from his career as an eventer.