A Thought About Adoption

We have taken many rescued horses. In general, horses that we accept as rescues will spend the rest of their lives with us. In some cases we have rehabbed extremely debilitated horses until their life is no longer in danger and then friends take them home and provide them with a life time home.  That said…

Please consider very carefully if you are looking to adopt a horse from a rescue!  Many horses are “rescued” from auction yards which the rescue community has dubbed the “kill pen”.   Some of these horses have found themselves at the auctions due to neglectful or uncaring owners; but the cold hard fact is that many of these horses have found their way to the auction because they have behaviors that make them unsuitable or unsafe as riding horses. They may rear or buck or bite or just generally be a mean and nasty beast. Then along comes a very well intended organization who “rescues” these horses, gives them a quick touch-up with the trainer and makes them available for you for adoption.

But their training tune-up will not change the character of the horse: if they were dangerous to begin with, they will continue to be dangerous. Once you get that horse home life may not be lived happily ever after – and the rescue will not help you.  Most likely the adoption contract will require that you get permission from them prior to re-homing the horse, however, if they withhold that permission then you are stuck with a horse who is beyond your ability to manage.

If you’re a novice horse owner PLEASE get the help of a professional prior to adopting or purchasing any horse. If you don’t know of a reputable professional then I invite you to contact me. I would be happy to provide you with a referral to a trainer or veterinarian in your area. I can be reached at melanie@bedlamfarms.com.

Happy Trails!